Great Storage Ideas for Kid's Rooms

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Kids can accumulate a lot of stuff. Between toys and clothes, there seems to be a never-ending amount of clutter around the house. Here are some easy solutions for storage in your kids’ rooms.

Hang an Organizer at the Side of the Bed

You can place a fabric organizer with large pockets so it hangs down at the side of the bed. The other half of the organizer fits neatly under the mattress where it will stay secure. Just fill the pockets with items that do not fit anywhere else. It is ideal for books, small toys and even stuffed animals.

Build a Loft Bed

Loft beds are popular in college dorms for a reason: they create additional space in an otherwise small room. Once the loft bed is constructed, you can place bookcases, dressers or anything else you need to have out of the way right under the bed.

Bins and Cubbies

Grade school teachers know bins and cubbies are a convenient way of storing lots of items. You can use this same principle in your home. Fill your child’s room with wooden or plastic storage bins and make a game out of placing items in them so your child sees cleaning up in a positive light. Cubbies can be used for hanging up clothes or pajamas, so they do not end up rolled up in a ball on the floor.

Finding innovative ways to increase storage for your child’s room is easy with a little intuition. Now you no longer need to stress about where all of your kids’ stuff is going to go.